5 Tips For Chilly Grilling

5 Tips For Chilly Grilling

It may be chilly out there, but fight the urge to grill is always to tame. The heat from the grill will keep you warm, right? Maybe. But some of the best grilled meats have arrived at the table from a sizzling grill in less than ideal circumstances. It’s almost as if battling the elements adds an extra layer of flavor awesomeness … like when you’re camping or hiking or working outdoors … the food is always better.

Here are necessary tools and tips for grilling in cold weather. Our best advice? Avoid the wind. Your goal is to maintain a constant temperature. Consistency can be a challenge on windy days, so relocate the grill if necessary and remember to keep the lid shut whenever possible.

Chilly Grilling Tips

  • No. 1: Be sure grill is located in a spot protected from the wind.
  • No. 2: Dress for the weather so you can watch the grill. Don’t run in and out of the house for warmth. You might overcook the beef, and wouldn't that defeat the purpose?
  • No. 3: Invest in a pair of barbecue gloves. Not only will these high temperature gloves protect your hands from the heat, they’ll also keep your fingers warm in cold conditions. Win win!
  • No. 4: Cold weather means fewer daylight hours. A grill handle light will illuminate your grilling experience!
  • No 5: Are you a gadget junkie? There are grilling probes that can be inserted into the meat. Some sync with a smart phone, and others come with their own hand-held device that alerts you when the meat is perfectly cooked!

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to cover your grill when not in use. A grill cover means you don’t have to remove soggy or frozen leaves, or shovel six inches of snow off the top of your grill before heating. Follow these tips and tough it out … it’s worth it!

Now, may the cold weather sizzling begin! 

Full blog from Certified Angus Beef: https://blog.certifiedangusbeef.com/2014/10/winter-grilling/

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