Become A Campfire Cooking Expert

Become A Campfire Cooking Expert

With the limited number of vacation options out there, camping has become all the rage. So whether you are an expert camper or it's your first time sleeping in a tent, we have some tips for cooking the perfect meal out in the wilderness. When camping, it can be hard to find the right things to cook with the limitations you have, such as only having a cooler, which means space is limited and ice is your refrigeration. Having individual packed frozen items that shop intercity carries will be extremely helpful for your trip.

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Now Onto the Tips:

For cooking with fire, the first thing you will need to think about is having a safe & controlled fire. Safety first always! Some ways to start are having dry kindling and larger logs. An outdoor cook's tip is to wait for glowing embers (should take 20-30 minutes)  which are hotter and help with an even cooking temperature.

To cook steaks, burgers or even sausages you can use old grill grates or the ones on your current grill to place over the fire which creates a nice surface for it to cook. Other tools to use are a cast iron pan, a griddle or plancha. These can hold a campfire’s intense heat but are also great to hold veggies and other sides. You can even cook dessert on the flames by adding fruits with sugar and cinnamon in aluminum foil that you turn into a pouch. Aluminum foil is your friend on an open flame you can essentially cook anything inside an aluminum pouch. 

With the right tools cooking on an open flame can be accomplished by all cooks. So do something exciting this summer with friends or family and take that adventure in the BC wilderness. Follow us on Instagram @shopintercity for a special giveaway where we will be offering some camping goodies for you to enjoy on July 9th. 

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