HOW TO: Smoked Brisket 101

HOW TO: Smoked Brisket 101



For the first time ever, home chefs in the Intercity Insiders’ community, can get exclusive access to whole Certified Angus Beef® Brisket. Up until this point, this prized cut of beef has been sold exclusively to our restaurant clients, but now in honour of Father’s Day, you can release your inner grill master with the same premium quality cut at home. So turn on your smokers, and let’s get cooking!


This delicious and large cut of meat is perfect to impress your family and friends at your next summer BBQ. When cooked, the brisket takes on the flavour of whatever you marinade it with. Brisket can be prepared many different ways, but the most common one is Smoked Brisket. Now to accomplish this recipe you can use a smoker, or you can get crafty and transform your own propane grill into a D.I.Y. smoker. Click here to learn how.


Celebrate summer with this smoked Brisket recipe from the experts at the Certified Angus Beef test kitchen. Watch this video to find out more.



Smoking meat is the stuff of chefs, artisans and modern-day masters. Be the envy of your friend and the hostess with the mostest when life gets back to normal by learning how to smoke this amazing brisket. From charcoal to wood and flame to foil, learn how to smoke beef brisket at home. Timing is key so the temperature of your heat source is vital.


Here are our best tips for smoking beef brisket at home.


Step 1: Pick your favourite BBQ seasoning and season generously on both                     sides


Step 2: Refrigerate for 12 hours. 


Step 3: Preheat for your smoker to 225℉ for 30 minutes.


Step 4: We want to go with the low and slow method so smoke for 6-8 hours                  and enjoy!

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