Get Your Fresh Sockeye Delivered From Shop Intercity!

Get Your Fresh Sockeye Delivered From Shop Intercity!

You asked and we listened. The team at Shop Intercity is happy to announce this limited edition new fresh item is finally available. Introducing our new Fresh Alaskan Sockeye Fillet. 

Why Buy Your Fresh Salmon From Shop Intercity?

  • Our salmon comes straight from Alaska to our processing team, bringing you closer to the source of premium, fresh seafood.
  • We cut our premium quality fillets in-house at our Richmond facility. Not to brag, but our processing team can cut a salmon fillet in less than 30 seconds! Check out our amazing team in action on our Instagram account @shopintercity.
  • The fresh Alaskan sockeye salmon we sell is 100% Ocean Wise recommended, which means that the fish is sustainably ranked because just like you, we care about where the food we sell comes from.
  • Intercity Insiders can have peace of mind that they’re receiving the highest quality fish available because our fully licensed, state-of-the-art facility is federally inspected. Our quality assurance team enforces the highest standards for food safety.
  • Best of all, the ordering process is as painless as possible with 5-day delivery and pick-up options for ultimate convenience.

All About Alaskan Sockeye

Now that you know why you should choose Shop Intercity, let's talk about the star of this launch, the Fresh Alaskan Sockeye. The fishing season for this popular fish starts in early June and ends in late July, although it changes every year. Alaskan sockeye is known as a “smart seafood choice” because it is managed sustainably and responsibly harvested under US and Canadian regulations. The Alaskan salmon you buy is caught in one of these areas:

Tips & Tricks For Cooking Sockeye Fillet

  • Sockeye has mild-medium flavour which means you can really get creative with how you want to cook and season it.
  • You can broil, bake, grill poach and even smoke sockeye fillet. Its versatility will make this fish one of your new favourites.
  • To keep your fillet moist, season your fish right before you plan to cook it because salt will pull out some of its natural moisture if applied too soon. 

Tag us on Instagram @shopintercity. Use the hashtag #mysockeyefillet to show off your cooking creations and maybe get featured on our next customer appreciation post.