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Certified Angus Beef®

The Certified Angus Beef® brand is committed to upholding the highest standards. This is the original angus beef brand, which is built on the consistent promise of exceptional flavour and tenderness. With their products, you only need to taste them once and you'll under the difference. To qualify as Certified Angus Beef®, the beef must meet these 10 specifications:

  1. Modest or higher marbling
  2. Medium to fine marbling texture
  3. Only cattle harvested less than 30 months of age by definition and only A-maturity lean-for superior colour,texture and tenderness
  4. 10-16 square inch ribeye area
  5. 1,050 pounds hot carcass weight or less
  6. 1-inch fat thickness
  7. Superior muscling
  8. Practically free of capillary rupture
  9. No dark cutters
  10. No neck hump exceeding 2 inches


 Ocean Wise Seafood

A globally focused conservation organization that focuses on protecting and conserving the ocean. They focus on eliminating overfishing, ocean pollution and climate change. Carrying Ocean Wise products means that we are working towards a better future for our ocean. 

Sustainability is the future and we want to ensure the products we carry are sustainably sourced from our oceans.


Meadow Ranch Beef

Meadow Ranch Beef

Meadow Ranch Beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished. The cattle are raised without hormones or antibiotics, and fed no GMO’s during their lifetime. The cattle are raised with access to an abundance of land ensuring they can roam free everyday, all day. The Meadow Ranch brand does not sacrifice quality or flavour. 



Rossdown Farms Chicken

Tucked away in British Columbia’s fertile Fraser Valley, Rossdown Farms & Natural Foods is dedicated to providing the highest quality chicken products. Rossdown Farms is the collective result of four generations of poultry farmers. It’s why they are one of the few farms in Canada that do it all – hatch the chicks, feed and grow the birds and then process them in their own facility.


Tajima Wagyu

Tajima is the most famous of all Wagyu bloodlines. These cattle have a slower growth cycle but produce excellent quality meat with superior marbling. All the cattle are hormone free, antibiotic free and managed with strict quality assurance protocols.


Sakura Farms Pork 

Sakura Farms believe in integrity, quality, innovation, their team and their customers. This is why they offer  vegetable grain fed pigs that are raised without the use of Ractopamine, a beta antagonist drug commonly used as an artificial feed additive to promote leanness in pigs and cattle. They grow pigs in the traditional way. 


White Stripe Lamb

White Stripe Australian Lamb is recognized around the world as a statement of premium quality. White Stripe lamb is always grass-fed, antibiotic-free, hormone-free and halal certified. These lambs spend their day grazing on the Victorian Ranges in South Eastern Australia on natural pastures. The diet they eat contributes to the superior flavour profile with very little gamey flavour.