Our Packaging

"Packaging is Everything"

Quality products deserve longer shelf life. We are proud to offer various types of packaging methods aimed towards the customer's convenience.

On every product listing on Shop Intercity's online store, you will find the packaging method used to prepare that item. Follow along below to learn what those various terms mean.

Convenience is Key

Porchetta Roast
Individually Vacuum Sealed

The vacuum sealing process removes the oxygen from around the meat & seafood, and the plastic film protects it from ice crystals. This prevents freezer burn and dehydration and maintains the freshness in products.

This packaging method allows the maximum quality level of the product to be preserved, extends shelf-life, and makes for efficent organization in your freezer.

Hallmark Farms Chicken Breast
Individually Quick Frozen

Fresh products are evenly spaced out onto trays, then flash frozen. This ensures they are NOT frozen together into ice blocks.

Once frozen, the products are packaged and boxed. The extra time put towards individually freezing them allows for easy de-frosting piece by piece when needed.

Farmed Scallops
Frozen At Sea Products

Freshly caught seafood is processed on the fishing boat, then packaged and flash frozen.

This method locks in the freshness, texture, nutrients, of the product. These products are typically considered safe for raw consumption.


Our vacuum sealed products have a shelf life for up to 2 years when stored under ≤ -18°C.

We recommend customers to consume it within the 2 year period for the best quality, texture and flavour.

When air is removed from the vacuum seal packaging, it limits the amount of ice crystals to be formed, which prevents it from getting freezer burn.