Boneless Lamb Leg

5 Pounds Each

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 Price  $46.99/each
 Portion Weight  approx. 2.2 kg each (5lb)
 Packaging  individually vacuum sealed
 Case Contents  1 leg
 Serving Size  6-8 servings


White Stripe Lamb - Boneless leg of lamb is perfect for roasting and braising. The leg bone has been removed and netting is used to hold the leg of lamb together into an easy-to-carve roast. Before roasting, use a paring knife to make incisions on the leg, then insert a combination of aromatics, such as garlic cloves, sprigs of fresh thyme, rosemary and fresh sage in each incisions for an even more flavourful leg of lamb.

White Stripe Australian Lamb is recognized around the world as a statement of premium quality. White Stripe lamb is always grass-fed, antibiotic-free, hormone-free and halal certified. These lambs spend their day grazing on the Victorian Ranges in South Eastern Australia on natural pastures – clovers, rye, lucerne with steady development is assured by supplementary feeding of turnips, brassicas, lentils, lupins and oats. These diet contributes to the superior flavour profile with very little gamey flavour.

Did you know?
• Lamb is one of the best sources of the 5 essential nutrients
• It is lean and low in cholesterol compared to other animal proteins
• 50% of the fat in Lamb is mono unsaturated - the good fats that help lower cholesterol


*Contents of the case are all frozen. All weights are approximate.