Fresh B.C. Ling Cod Center-Cut Portions

6oz Each / 4-Pack

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This fresh item is cut by our team of skilled seafood cutters the night before or the morning of delivery. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!


 Price  $39.99/case
 Price Breakdown  $10.00/each
 Portion Weight  6 oz each
Specification  skin-off, bone-out, center-cut
 Case Contents  4 portions

Ocean Wise Recommended- Each portion of this locally-caught, seafood is hand-out here at our Richmond location by our seafood processing team. Each portion is cut to exacting specifications. Raw lingcod flesh can have a blue-green tint, this is perfectly normal, and when cooked it turns a snow white color with a very mild flavour. 

Enjoy a beautiful 6 oz center-cut portion, which is the most prized portion of the fillet among our restaurant chefs. A center-cut portion is thick, and is guaranteed to not include any tail pieces. Order now in 4 x 6 oz portion increments and prepare to be impressed. 

*Contents of the case are all fresh. Availability of certain items may change due to market conditions, therefore substitutions to re-fresh (previously frozen) may take place. All weights are approximate.