King Cole Roasted Duck Wings

20-26 Wings

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 Price  $20.99 case
 Price Breakdown  $10.50/package
 Portion Weight  1kg per package
 Inner Packaging  10-13 wings per package
 Case Contents  2 packages / ~23 wings


These fully cooked duck wings have taken the culinary world by storm. From restaurants to your table at home, chefs and foodies like you cannot get enough of these tasty treats! These wings are the perfect appetizer to wow your guests at your next dinner party. Please keep scrolling for the cooking instructions.


King Cole Duck - For over 65 years and four generations of the King Cole family, they have remained true to time-honoured farming practices that epitomize integrity in sustainable, responsible farming.

Clean Label Ingredients 

Good food is clean food; “clean” of additives and unnatural elements that affect the integrity of taste and nutrition. Our clean label: No hormones or growth stimulants. No food colouring or additives, phosphate free and gluten free. 


Animal Welfare & Humane Handling  

King Cole has long been heralded for its leadership and stewardship in the area of animal care. Ducks are raised free run in large spacious barns with plenty of fresh air ventilation, unlimited water and natural feed. Many barns are bedded down with recycled fresh wood shavings daily and others are washed out for maximum sanitary conditions.


Leaders in Recycling  

Good things come from reducing, reusing, and recycling. King Cole’s goal has been 100% usage of the product we produce and our waste is an important part of that sustainable story.



*Contents of the case are all frozen. Availability of certain items may change due to market conditions, therefore substitutions may take place. All weights are approximate.


Cooking Instructions

1. Bring pot of water to boil. Remove pot from heat and place package of frozen wings into water for approx. 7 minutes or completely thawed through.
2. Open the package and place wings on a lined baking sheet and broil in your oven for approximately 5 minutes.
4. Season wings with salt and pepper. Brush each wing with your favourite BBQ sauce (ours is Applewood & Smoked Hickory).
5. Wings are done once heated through and the skin on edges begins to crisp.