Pacific Oysters *Pickup Only*

5 Dozen

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*NOT AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY. Product available for CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY on Tuesday - Saturday. Live shellfish should be picked up on the same day that you plan to consume them, for optimal freshness. Limited quantities available so pre-order ASAP.*


 Price  $59.99 for 5 dozen
 Price Breakdown  $12/dozen [$1.08 each]
 Pack Contents  5 dozen per bag
 Shelf Life  11 days from harvest

Ocean Wise RecommendedAll options are raised using sustainable farming methods on the coast of BC.  

Oyster Profile

CHEF CREEK OYSTERS:  Distinct shallow cup, dark mantle and a creamy, and sweet ivory meat with high brininess.


KUSSHI OYSTERS:  One of the world’s top oysters. Very round and uniform shell that’s surprisingly plump. Meat has a buttery texture and has a sweet, mildly fruity finish.


ROYAL MIYAGI OYSTERS:  Known for beautiful fluted shells, sizable meats, and a lovely savoury finish.



*Contents of the case are LIVE and will be packed on ice or with a gel pack. The shellfish  need to be kept on ice or refrigerated once they are in your car and at home. For instructions on how to handle LIVE shellfish properly, please refer to the TAG on the product. Availability of certain items may change due to market conditions, therefore substitutions may take place. All weights are approximate.