Lamb Racks Frenched

24-26 oz Each / 2-Pack

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 Sale Price  $68.99/case
 Price Breakdown  $34.50/each
 Portion Weight  24-26 oz each (680-740g)
 Vacuum Packaging  1 rack per vacuum pack
 Case Contents  2 racks


An expertly frenched rack of lamb is an elegant centerpiece dish that is very impressive, despite only needing a short amount of active cooking time. The trick with White Stripe in particular is to not let the spices dominate the lamb, which unlike other breeds of lamb, has such a mild flavour profile.



  • 100% grass-fed and grass-finished
  • Humanely raised
  • Never given antibiotics or added hormones ever
  • Pasture-raised
  • Source of omega-3s, vitamins, and minerals
  • Produced from Halal certified lamb


White Stripe Australian Lamb is recognized around the world as a statement of premium quality. White Stripe lamb is always grass-fed, antibiotic-free, hormone-free and halal certified. These lambs spend their day grazing on natural pastures – clovers, rye, lucerne with steady development is assured by supplementary feeding of turnips, brassicas, lentils, lupins and oats. This diet contributes to the superior flavour profile with very little gamey flavour.


Did you know?
• Lamb is one of the best sources of the 5 essential nutrients
• It is lean and low in cholesterol compared to other animal proteins
• 50% of the fat in Lamb is mono unsaturated - the good fats that help lower cholesterol


*Contents of the case are all frozen. All weights are approximate.