Manila Clams

5 Pounds

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 Price  $34.99 for 5 pounds
 Price Breakdown  $7.00 per pound
 Pack Contents  5 pounds per bag
 Shelf Life  9 days from harvest

Ocean Wise Recommended - Raised along the B.C. Coast, these small clams are known to have attractive shells with wide bars of colour over finely ridged shell. Their distinctive small size and sweet meat make them a favourite among hard-shell clams. 


*Contents of the case are LIVE and will be packed on ice or with a gel pack. The shellfish  need to be kept on ice or refrigerated once they are in your car and at home. For instructions on how to handle LIVE shellfish properly, please refer to the TAG on the product. Availability of certain items may change due to market conditions, therefore substitutions may take place. All weights are approximate.