Meadow Ranch Grass-Fed Lean Ground Beef

500g Each / 4-Pack

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 Sale Price  $38.99/case
 Price Breakdown  $9.00/each
 Portion Weight  500 g each 
 Vacuum Packaging  500 g per vacuum pack
 Case Contents  4 packs per case


This versatile ground meat can be used in almost every recipe. be creative and use this flavourful ground meat for whatever your heart desires. Burgers, stir-fry's , tacos and more. The sky is the limit with this grass fed beef.


The Meadow Ranch Difference:

- 100% grass fed for life
- Pasture raised and free-range
- Free from any added hormones
- Never treated with antibiotics
- Never exposed to GMOs

 *Contents of the case are all frozen. All weights are approximate.



About Meadow Ranch

Meadow Ranch is recognized for their superior quality 100% grass fed beef. Meadow ranch is always grass-fed, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free. These cows spend their day grazing in a lush environment  in Southern Australia on natural pastures. This type of diet contributes to the superior flavor profile that is tender and tasty. With more protein, zinc and iron to help support a healthy balanced diet.


Did you know?
• Beef that is raised this higher in protein, zinc, and iron whish are crucial elements to a balanced diet that maintains strength, energy, digestive health and growth  
• This ethically raised beef provides more protein with less calories