King Crab Golden Merus Sections

2.5 Pounds

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 Price  $189.99/case
 Price Breakdown  $76.00/lb
 Portion Size  2-4 oz per section
 Case Weight  2.5 pounds (approx. 12-16 pc)
 Serving Suggestion   2-3 pieces per person

King Crab Golden Merus Sections are the most prized of the three commercially available king crab species because they are the largest and have the most decadent flavour. The merus sections are 2-4 inch pieces that contain the largest and meatiest part of the King Crab’s legs. High-end restaurants consider these sections to be the best crab eating experience in the world. To use, simply thaw, crack open in the shell, and dig into that glorious crab meat with a bit of clarified butter.


*Contents of the case are all frozen and NOT vacuum packaged. All weights are approximate.