Organic Rossdown Farms Turkey

10-15 Pounds Each

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 Price  $68.99/each
 Portion Weight   4-6 kg each (10-15 lb)
 Packaging  individually vacuum sealed
 Serving Size  10-15 servings



Servings:  Generally 1 pound per person
Thaw Time:  24 hours in fridge per 5 pound
Cook Time:  20 minutes per 1 pound


Rossdown Farms - Raised in the British Columbia’s Similkameen Valley, Rossdown Farm's Raised Without Antibiotics Turkeys are free range and fed an all-vegetarian diet that contains no animal by-products. We’re proud to have their Raised Without Antibiotics Turkeys be Certified Humane and certified level two by Global Animal Partnership. Certified Halal by the BC Muslim Association.


*Contents of the case are all FROZEN. All weights are approximate.