Pre-Book Beef Back Ribs [DEPOSIT]

1-2 kg each

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*Price for the rack of beef ribs is $14.99/kg.  You will pay the $20 deposit now and we will email you an invoice for the balance of the price based on the exact weight of your brisket 1 day before your pickup or delivery day.

*This is a special order item that requires an extra 3 days notice. 


 Final Price  $30 - $60/each
 Price Breakdown  $14.99/kg  
 Vacuum Packaging  2 racks per package
 Specification  approx. 7 bones per rack
 Average Weight  2 - 4 kg per package


Intercity Custom Meats -  Perfect for the grill, these juicy and extra meaty ribs are great for the summer. Beef back ribs are the bones are cut from a prime rib roast or rib eye steaks, which one of the most flavourful and succulent cuts. So if you love steak, and looking for something delicious to test out your inner chef try these!


*Contents of the case are all frozen. All weights are approximate.