Raised Without Antibiotics Rossdown Farms Chicken

1.5kg Each / 2-Pack

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 Price  $36.99/case
 Price Breakdown  $18.50/each
 Portion Weight

 1.4-1.6 kg each

 Vacuum Packaging  each chicken is individually vacuum sealed
 Case Contents  2 chickens per case

Rossdown Farms Raised Without Antibiotics, Chicken Fryer - Tucked away in British Columbia’s fertile Fraser Valley, Rossdown Farms & Natural Foods is dedicated to providing the highest quality chicken products. The product line of Raised Without Antibiotics chicken is fed a vegetarian diet that contains no animal by-products. We’re also proud to have all Raised Without Antibiotics Chicken certified level 2 by Global Animal Partnership.

*Contents of the case are all frozen. Availability of certain items may change due to market conditions, therefore substitutions may take place. All weights are approximate.