Wild Large Canadian Scallops 20/30

5 Pounds

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 Price  $112.99/bag
 Price Breakdown  $22.60/lb
 Size Specification  20-30 scallops per pound
 Pack Weight  5 pounds per bag
 Case Contents  1 bag (5 pounds)



Ocean Choice Brand, Ocean Wise Recommended - Harvested from the icy waters of the North Atlantic in Canada, our scallops are hand-shucked and frozen at sea (F.A.S.) within 45 minutes of catch to ensure the highest quality and best taste possible. Our scallops are 100% all natural with no preservatives and no additives. Compared to other scallops, F.A.S. scallops lock in moisture and upon cooking retain their size and flavour.

*Contents of the case are all frozen at sea. All weights are approximate.