Get ready for more products, great pricing and better customer service.

Shop Intercity is closed for curbside pickup, and instead, you’ll be ordering directly from the Intercity Packers Sales team - just like a chef would!

By ordering directly through the Intercity Packers Sales team, you will have access to a greater selection of fresh and frozen meat and seafood products, better pricing, more convenient payment terms and best of all, more personal customer service. Going forward, you are welcome to contact our Sales team directly for future orders. We look forward to continuing to serve you the best meat and seafood products.

Please follow along below for some common questions you may have:

What products can I order?
Intercity Packers offers hundreds of items to the top retailers, food service establishments, and healthcare operators across Canada. To have a better understanding of what Intercity Packers offers today, you can explore our Products page at

There are lots of new items here you may not be familiar with, so we can appreciate this list may be overwhelming at first! Please contact our Sales team who can walk you through what is available, along with our recommendations based on your needs.

What price will I pay?
The price of fresh meat and seafood can fluctuate week to week, so you may pay a slightly different price for the same item from time to time. To review up-to-date weekly pricing on a specific item prior to placing your order, please inquire with our Sales team.

How do I place an order now?
Going forward, you will place an order through email or over the phone directly to the Intercity Packers Sales team.

7:30AM - 5PM on Sunday-Friday
Give us a call at 604-295-2038
Email your order or inquires to

How will I pay for my order?
Instead of paying online in advance for your pickup order, you will pay for your order upon arrival at pickup. We accept Visa and Mastercard at this time.

If you still have Shop Intercity gift cards to redeem, the Intercity Packers Sales team can accept those as well. When you are ready to place an order, please be prepared to provide the last 4 digits of your gift card number, and if possible, the name of the person who purchased the gift card on your behalf. With this information, our team will be able to verify the outstanding value and redeem the gift card for you. Outstanding balances on your order, if any, can be paid upon arrival with a credit card at the time of pickup.

When can I pickup my order?
When you place an order with the Intercity Packers Sales team, please let them know what day you would like to pickup. Please note a limited number of items are custom-cut to order, have limited arrival schedules or are specially ordered on “as needed” basis, and therefore may require additional notice. Our team will advise on a pickup day based on what and when you ordered.

Assuming the items you intend to order are all stocked in our building, next-day pickup will be available to you as long as your order is placed and confirmed before 4PM the day prior.

8AM - 5PM on Monday - Friday
Pickup at Shipping Bay #11
1900 No. 6 Road
Richmond, BC V6V 1W3

What is the order minimum?
Our great pricing is built on our customers meeting certain order parameters, so the orders can be prepared efficiently. As a result, ordering through our Sales team requires you to follow our standard company-wide order minimum of $300. The Intercity Packers Sales team will be happy to recommend new products to you so you can meet this minimum.

Thank you again for using our online store, Shop Intercity, these past few years. We look forward to providing you with more personalized service going forward. Please do not hesitate to ask our Sales team any questions, we are here to help!


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