Tajima Wagyu Burger

5oz Each / 24-Pack

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 Price  $59.99/case
 Price Breakdown  $2.50/each
 Portion Weight  5 oz each
 Vacuum Packaging  4 burgers per package
 Case Contents  24 burgers / 6 packs

This burger is made from the world's highest quality beef known as Tajima Wagyu. Wagyu is known for it's distinctive marbling, tenderness and rich flavour. Create your own version of the ultimate burger with this amazing beef. Ready to grill and enjoy, just in time for summer.

About Tajima Wagyu

Tajima is the most famous of all Wagyu bloodlines. These cattle have a slower growth cycle but produce an excellent quality meat with superior marbling. All the cattle are hormone free, antibiotic free and managed with strict quality assurance protocols.

         - Minimum 500 days grain fed

         - Marble score 4-9+

         - Av Carcass weight 430kg HSC

         - Meat colour 1a-3

         - Halal Approved

         - Fat colour 0-3


*Contents of the case are all frozen. All weights are approximate.